Our Company


SEG Ingeniería began its activities in March 1996 as a business partnership of pioneering professionals in the area of energy auditing and advice on electrical installations. Two months later successful results were obtained for the first client.

After studying the local market, SEG Argentina opened its Buenos Aires office in October 1997, serving residential customers. In February of the following year, SEG Argentina started working with corporate clients and, before the end of the year operations were extended to the provinces of Santa Fe, Córdoba, the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires and Tucumán.

Seeking constant improvement and innovation, in June 1999 SEG Ingeniería began auditing the cost of gas and taxes related to basic supplies. A year later the costs of water and communications were also incorporated to its services.

In March 2000 SEG Ingeniería opened an office in Santiago de Chile. Exactly a year later work began for the first client in Brazil and in September 2002 SEG opened its office in San Pablo.

By this time SEG Ingeniería, a leader in the optimization of energy resources, successfully covered non-traditional services such as customs clearance, insurance, brochures and pamphlets, postal services, freight, photocopier maintenance, surveillance and monitoring services, office and computer supplies, etc.

In July 2005 operations began in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, where SEG Ingeniería finally installed its fourth international office in June 2007.

In Punta del Este, in March of that year, SEG Ingeniería was endorsed by the international panel of Endeavor as an “Endeavor Entrepreneur”. Crowning a year full of achievements, in December it formed the Strategic Applications sector as a SAP Channel Partner in Uruguay.

On August 12, 2008, in a ceremony held at the German Embassy in Montevideo, the company received the Red ProPymes award as SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) “Innovator of the Year”. In September 2009 SEG Ingeniería was honored as “ESCO of the Year” by the Energy Efficiency Program of the MIEM (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining).

In November 2009 SEG Ingeniería launched one of its biggest projects, partnering with EAB New Energy GmbH of Germany to set up wind farms in Uruguay. In July 2010 SEG participated in the tender put out by UTE for 150 MW of wind power with the development of the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm (50 MW) by Aguas Leguas S.A.

Eólica de Uruguay, formed by SEG Ingeniería and EAB New Energy GmbH of Germany, is the result of this successful new venture. On August 23, 2011 UTE awarded 192 MW of wind energy of which 100 MW were developed by SEG Ingeniería (Peralta I GCEE, Peralta II GCEE). Early in 2012 UTE awarded a third wind farm developed by SEG Ingeniería (Parque Eólico Cerro Grande).


Throughout 2012/2013 SEG Ingeniería developed two Solar PV plants (totalizing 75 MWp), finally adjudicated in 2013 UTE’s public tender. The above mentioned PV plants are today under construction, with expected operation start early in 2016.