Our Company


In recent years SEG Ingeniería has been acknowledged by the most prestigious business institutions for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2007 Endeavor, an international organization that rewards and encourages entrepreneurship and strategic, long-term economic development chose SEG Ingeniería as an ENDEAVOR company.

In 2008 the PROPYMES network, formed by the Banco República, the Uruguayan Chamber of Industries, the National Chamber of Commerce and Services, the National Development Corporation, Crédit Uruguay Banco, DINAPYME, Faculty of Business Administration of the UCUDAL, FUNDASOL, Institución Kolping Uruguay and LATU, awarded SEG Ingeniería with the title of SME “Innovator of the Year”.

The following year, the company was named “ESCO OF THE YEAR”, winning the National Energy Efficiency Award for 2009, granted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.