Energy Efficiency

Remote monitoring system

SEG Ingeniería has developed a system whereby measurements can be taken and uploaded to a server, allowing data to be viewed via the Web anywhere and at any time.

You can access said information with the following link by entering username “demo” and password “demo”:



The data can also be displayed in table format and exported to Excel for further processing, etc.

The method involves placing a device that reads the pulses generated by a meter (ex.: of energy) allowing recording of the active and reactive power signals.
If there is a disruption in the web connection the computer stores the information so that it is not lost.

In addition to measuring kWh and kVar by default, the meter has four digital inputs that translate the information and send it to the server if there is any reading of interest to be monitored.


This equipment can quickly unify and monitor energy provided by UTE with a chart which allows reporting, if necessary, or sends alerts to an e-mail.

The period of interest may be defined, one day being the minimum display period.

A specific analysis may be performed since it continuously shows the evolution of the energy used at the plant, keeps track of the equipment that is turned on, verifies routine compliance and detects opportunities for improvement, etc.

It is clear that this technology is applicable for measuring the total energy at the station, the performance of any particular equipment, water consumption (by installing flow meters), temperature control at the premises and, ultimately, any digital signal.