Energy Efficiency



How much will this service cost?

In performance contracts, a proportion of the savings once obtained and accepted by the client. This means that our company works at risk since, when analyzing a case where there are no opportunities for savings, the fee is ZERO.


For other services, such as the implementation of an Energy Management System under ISO 50001 standards, an estimate is provided upon request.

How do we know if we are actually saving?

SEG Ingeniería proposes a methodology to evaluate month by month savings by means of a baseline that allows a simple, transparent review of the savings obtained. In turn, a letter explaining the savings is attached to each utility bill.

Will the consultation take up much of my staff’s time?

Definitely not! With telephone calls, e-mails and periodic reports to your staff we try to take up as little time as possible. However, it is necessary that qualified personnel work with SEG Ingeniería’s consultants when we are performing tasks such as measurements or field surveys.

What information do you need to start?

We send a detailed list of the information required, which basically includes historical cost data and consumption of all the energy used; and other information regarding the company premises.