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What is an ESCO? An ESCO is an energy services company which analyses, designs, develops and installs energy-saving projects. It is also responsible for the co-generation and use of renewable energy and the provision and installation of energy-efficient equipment and energy sources.

An ESCO determines opportunities for potential savings through a preliminary analysis of the customer's facilities. Under contract, it agrees to attain good results and once these are achieved the savings are shared and the investment is recovered. It assumes the financial risks and the technical work involved with a mutual commitment to fund them with the savings obtained.

All ESCOs are registered with the National Energy Administration (Dirección Nacional de Energía DNE), which classifies them in category A or B on an annual basis. To qualify under category A an ESCO must meet the following requirements: Attend at least 70% of the courses recognized by the Energy Efficiency Project on a yearly basis; implement at least 50% of the projects submitted to the feasibility studies contingent; finalize at least three energy efficiency projects within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Trust (Fideicomiso de Eficiencia Energética FEE) and, finally, achieve favorable assessment when audited by an expert representative of the FEE .

SEG Ingeniería has qualified as a category A ESCO since this rating was implemented by the DNE and was named “ESCO OF THE YEAR” in 2009, winning the National Energy Efficiency Award granted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.