Energy Efficiency

Audits Performed Under Contract

Measurement and Analysis of present consumption and costs of the customer’s electricity:

Recording the energy demand curve, determining maximum peak demand for electricity, voltage level, rate systems, distribution of the use of energy, reactive-active energy ratio.

Power factor correction through the adjustment of reactive energy consumption:

Reactive energy is the extra demand of energy that some inductive and/or capacitive equipment such as motors, transformers, lighting and power lines, produces while operating.

Most industrial loads produce this type of energy entailing negative effects such as:

* Economic costs reflected in electricity bills.
* Increased losses in distribution lines
* Voltage dips harming the normal operation of the installations
* Overloaded transformers.

The reactive energy compensation helps obtain economic and technical advantages:

* Increases the capacity of installed lines and transformers.
* Improves the voltage of the network.
* Reduces loss of energy.
* Obtains a reduction in the overall cost of energy.
* Improves the power factor

Equipment with capacitors is sensitive to the quality of power at the installations.

Increased use of devices that distort the waveform (electronic equipment, computers, variable speed drives) affects the quality of energy and can cause power surges, overloads and high levels of harmonics with the consequent deterioration to any equipment with capacitors.

To sustain this new reality SEG Ingeniería, representing leading worldwide companies such as ELSPEC and DUCATI in Uruguay, provides solutions which differ from those found on the market offering greater security and confidence to its customers.


RTPFC Technology (REAL TIME POWER FACTOR CORRECTION) – Reactive compensation in real time with harmonic filtering

A system for the improvement of power quality and reactive compensation in real time:

* Power Factor Correction,
* Power saving voltage stabilization
* Flicker reduction, limiting peaks
* Harmonic filtering and many applications for a variety of dynamic loads.

2 OPTIONS (depending on the speed of the command processor):

ACTIVATE (typical compensation speed in 1 second up to a maximum of 4 seconds)

EQUALIZER (typical compensation speed in 2/3 cycle per second up to a maximum of 1 cycle, 20 milliseconds!)

Quick, accurate compensation:

* Connects and disconnects the capacitors through modern electronic switching technology with solid state switches. Unlike classical electromechanical compensation systems, it DOES NOT USE CONTACTORS.
* All systems have HARMONIC FILTERS, that is to say, REACTANCES, connected in series with the capacitors.
* Switch system

Full compensation can be achieved in 1 second (maximum 3-4 seconds). Compensation is based on the average of the FFT analysis of each cycle resulting in a more accurate compensation, even in the presence of harmonics.


Transient-free switching: The electronic switching technology prevents transients normally associated with conventional switch capacitors. This is extremely important in premises with sensitive electronic equipment such as hospitals, data centers and facilities.

Long service life and low maintenance costs: The equipment reduces maintenance costs increasing the life of:

* Switch elements
* Capacitors
* Sensitive electronic equipment

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Power factor compensation with CAPACITORS manufactured in Italy


For over 80 years Ducati Energía has been a leader in the production of capacitors for different applications, including power factor correction, with a tradition of continuous investment in research and development of new products.

The new range of MODULO eXtra Duty Capacitors is the result of this philosophy, thanks to the technological innovation of the self-healing, anti-explosive system.
Manufactured with high quality material, metalized polypropylene, they offer strong and reliable safe construction.

The problems which exist due to the present quality of power require solutions to mitigate the damage caused in the installations.

Installing equipment that resists power surges ensures that it will last for a reasonable period of time.

The DUCATI capacitors have cylindrical winding. Said cylindrical capacitors contain one to three coils connected in parallel or in triangle.

The dielectric has a sheet of polypropylene film, which is metalized on one side with a special zinc and aluminum alloy with a vacuum technique. This technology ensures long life expectancy of the capacitor.


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