Our Company

Our Team

Without doubt, we can say that we have reached our present status thanks to SEG Ingeniería’s most important asset: our human resources.

We believe that the best investment is that which we make in our people, supporting them with their studies, encouraging specialized training or courses to help them grow in their field. Above all, we are open and flexible and we encourage their professional education.

We want people with a young, plural, open-minded mentality to work for us and we especially esteem their having a scale of values in which honesty, ethics and team spirit are foremost.

Engineers with different specialization, technicians from different fields, accountants, students from different careers and office workers are all an important part of our team and together they make SEG Ingeniería a company with a great deal of energy to tackle new projects. We are constantly seeking new challenges because our people urge us to do so: reinventing ourselves and improving each day.