Energy Efficiency

Energy Audits


Conducting an analysis of Energy Efficiency involves performing Energy Audits through calculations and measurements which quantify how the customer uses its energy resources.

This analysis is done together with the client, who must provide personnel with knowledge of the installations and processes to facilitate the understanding of the activities that take place there.


The basic information required is obtained through analysis of historical consumption, and interviews with those involved. It initially takes about 4 or 5 hours of interviews with the personnel, after which intensive measurements and studies are scheduled. This work is performed by SEG Ingeniería´s technical team which needs to be accompanied by appropriate company staff during the fieldwork.


The proposals to save energy called Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) are presented in a report containing an assessment of the detailed Environmental, Technical and Economic benefits of each one. This allows strategic planning to prioritize and focus efforts on the implementation of the ECMs and to capitalize savings.

Reports do not save energy, only implemented projects achieve savings! That is why our motto is: MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.